Dermasciance active ingredient serums

Dermasciance active
ingredient serums

With the Dermasciance genetic test we ascertain the biological capacity of three important skin aging processes:

  • The capacity to repel aggressive radicals (oxidative stress)
  • The capacity for detoxification of harmful substances (detoxification)
  • The capacity for regeneration of skin structures (regeneration)

At least one of these processes is debilitated among approx. 70 % of all people due to disposition. There is a risk of early skin aging if the skin is burdened by external factors and is not supported.

In order to support the three important biological processes, Dermasciance has developed serums with concentrated dermatocosmetic active ingredients which ensure specific support of the processes debilitated with you:

  • Dermasciance OXY:
    The active ingredients concentrate to support antioxidant capacity
  • Dermasciance TOXO:
    The active ingredients concentrate to support detoxification capacity
  • Dermasciance NEO:
    The active ingredients concentrate to support regeneration capacity

With the Dermasciance report you will learn which serums you require, and you will receive a prevention plan for specific use of active ingredient serums.