Dermasciance report


Your individual disposition profile for skin aging which we have ascertained from the analysis of your saliva sample will be explained in detail in the Dermasciance report. We will inform you about the strengths and weaknesses of your biological processes so that you have the chance to purposefully intervene in a supportive manner.

Our personalised recommendations for the use of Dermasciance active ingredient serums are based on this profile. You can gather when and how often which serums should be used from the clearly arranged treatment plan in the Dermasciance report.

In addition, from the Dermasciance report you will learn which vitamins and vital substances for  de/der-dermasciance-report/profdrhoeppner.jpg (19.07.2015)supporting biological processes are particularly suitable for you and how you can cover this requirement by means of an adapted diet.

»With the Dermasciance anti-aging concept I would like to help you to purposefully combat the processes of skin aging.«

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Höppner
Bioglobe Laboratory for Molecular Genetics