How the genetic test works

How the genetic
test works

The analysis of your personal disposition profile for skin aging will be conducted from a smear of the mucosal cells in the cheek.


In our Dermasciance sampling set (triangular box) you will find three cotton swabs, each sterile-packed in a plastic tube. Successively take each swab, wipe of cells and saliva by rubbing on the inside of the cheek for about 20 seconds and put the swab back in the container.


Label the tubes with your name, put all three tubes in the prepaid and addressed envelope, and then put this in a mailbox.


The samples will be analysed in the Bioglobe GmbH genetic laboratory. Genetic material from the mucosal cells in the cheek will be isolated and examined for gene variants which are associated with the biological processes of skin aging. The analysis takes 3-5 days.


We will prepare your personal biological profile for skin aging on the basis of the laboratory results. The Dermasciance report will inform you about your antioxidant capacity, detoxification capacity and regeneration capacity. This personal biological profile is the basis for your individual anti-aging concept. You will receive the report about 2 weeks after receipt of your samples in the laboratory.


The analysed genetic properties will be evaluated exclusively with regard to skin aging for your personal protection. In no case will an interpretation be made in terms of a medical diagnosis. The analysed genes will be kept anonymous in order to preclude interpretations of other properties now or in the future. The results are subject to personal data protection and will not be transmitted to third parties without your explicit consent. The samples and test results will be destroyed after completion of the Dermasciance analysis.