The genetic test

The genetic test

Skin aging is a natural biological process that is influenced by various factors such as an unbalanced diet low in vitamins, alcohol and nicotine abuse as well as UV radiation, burdens due to metabolic products and environmental toxins or a sleep deficit.

In essence, three biological processes which protect us against these factors and play a key role in skin aging are arranged in our genetic blueprint:

  • The capacity to repel aggressive radicals (antioxidant capacity)
  • The capacity to detoxify harmful substances (detoxification capacity)
  • The regeneration of skin cells and the formation of collagen and elastin (regeneration capacity)

Genetic differences lead to the fact that biological processes are very different in effectiveness with every individual. As a result, there is an individual disposition profile for skin aging which can be ascertained by means of an analysis from a saliva sample.

With the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your biological processes you have the chance to purposefully intervene in a supportive manner.

Our personalised recommendations for the use of Dermasciance active ingredient serums are based on this profile. In addition, we will give you adapted nutritional information and recommendations for vitamins and vital substances which are suitable for the support of biological processes.